Learn to Square Dance with the Stanford Quads!

Dates:10/9 and 10/16, 2005 (Sundays)
10/9Fairmeadow Elementary School
500 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto
10/16Covenant Presbyterian Church
670 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto

Do you remember square dancing from back in school? If you wish you didn't, don't worry -- it's different now. And in case you haven't heard (or don't remember) much about square dancing, here are some introductions:

Come try Square Dancing for the Twenty-First Century -- it's not "square" any more. The Stanford Quads Square Dance Club is starting its fall class, Sundays from 7-9 PM in Palo Alto. This year's remaining (free, no-commitment) introductory sessions are offered on October 9th and October 16th.

Why spend your Sunday evenings with the Quads? Because it's fun, interesting, and easy. And did I say fun?

Interesting and Fun:

Easy and Fun: Just Plain Fun:
There's more, but that will do for starters. Come on out and try it, for free! What have you got to lose? You don't need a partner, special clothes, or previous dance experience.

I hope to see you on Sunday evening at 7 PM -- at Fairmeadow School, 500 East Meadow Drive at Cowper in Palo Alto on October 9th; and at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 670 East Meadow Drive on October 16th. Continue if you like it, otherwise you can at least say you've tried Square Dancing for the 21st Century. After the free introductory lessons, classes will be held every Sunday from 7-9 PM at Fairmeadow. The fee for classes through December 18th is $35 (the class will continue through Spring).

Look for Kennita (picture here, in case you don't know me) and say Hi -- I'll be happy to see you there!

Contact information:
Call Kennita Watson, 408-373-1147.
Visit http://www.stanfordquads.org.
E-mail: kennita at kennita dot com or kwatson at alum dot mit dot edu